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Because I am a mobile repair service you must call or text 618-978-5418 before you can make arrangements for a repair. I am not always available. If you have a wet phone it is super important to address it ASAP. Dont put it in rice! Turn it off immediately, Do not charge it, and remove the battery if possible. Call me now The sooner it is addressed the more likely it can be saved.  I generally have everything needed to repair most common iPhone problems , other repairs may require parts I will need to order in advance to eliminate down time. We(me) know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you and your family happy. From commercial to residential work, we're happy to help you in whatever venture you have!  Your satisfaction is my highest priority!

Tel: 618-978-5418

 Edwardsville IL 62025 us

Contact Me Today, call or text: 618-978-5418